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Maker of repose Shoulder Braces - the Brace that breaths with you


A better way of healing.  A better quality of life!

The company

Our Mission

Our company was born out of necessity.  When our founders were confronted by the sudden life changes of recovering from shoulder surgery: neither a good nights sleep or a comfortable day were impossible as two different shoulder braces proved to be either tight enough to be secure, but too tight to breath comfortably; or loose enough to breath comfortably but not securing the shoulder properly when any movement causes pain.  This damned if you do, damned if you don't approach to post-surgical brace design meant they had to rethink what it meant to be safe, comfortable and secure so that you can rest easy while still firmly immobilizing the joint while it recovers from an operation.  Several sewing lessons later, they had their first working prototype.  And their first restful night's sleep since the day of the injury. 


 Our first brace was tested for 9 long weeks and tweaked and improved with each new insight.  Subsequent designs and improvements were tested in a clinical setting with actual recovering shoulder patients who then rated their experience with the Repose Shoulder Brace by Rubicon Medical to achieve 100% patient satisfaction.  


Patient ratings of the Repose Shoulder Brace showed that 100% of patients noted an immediate improvement in their sleep and related a decrease in their daily pain and discomfort.